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ebayPro - eBay inventory management application

It is very simple online application to manage inventory of eBay shop. The ebayPro application is designed to save your time. It operates more quickly as eBay items management.
The ebayPro application was created for our own purposes to quickly manage our eBay shop. After we decided to let use it for other users for symbolic monthly fee. The fee will be used for further development of the ebayPro application and new functions.
You can create an account and try the ebayPro application free of charge for 3 days. After you can delete account or pay monthly fee of 10,- Euro.

Application perequisites

1. Application is tested only with business account on eBay. You can try it with private account too and let us know, whether it operates without errors.
2. It is good practice to set Business Policies: "Payment profiles", "Return profiles" and "Shipping profiles" on your eBay account. ebayPro reads these profiles from eBay and uses it to update your changes on items.
3. It is good practice to use "SKU" (Stock Keeping Unit) field on eBay item for unical identification of every item. It is very useful, because ebayPro can clean all duplicated and ended items.


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